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MOKETTA RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. All of the following are conditions of your rental agreement. If you do not agree with them, do not continue with the rent.

RENTER AGREES: Do not use any chemicals other than those authorized and distributed by Moketta on this machine. Moketta is not responsible for the Renter's failure to comply with operating instructions or for any damage resulting from the use of non-Moketta products on the equipment. Although all precautions are taken to ensure that your machine is in a clean condition when you rent it, you should check the cleanliness of the machine before leaving the rental location. Using a dirty machine can damage your carpet, so Moketta is not responsible if you do not check the state of the machine. You agree to contact or report any issues you encounter during your rental directly to Moketta within the agreed rental period. Retrospective contact may not always allow Moketta to verify and resolve reported issues. This is an electrical appliance: DO NOT allow the machine to settle in stagnant water while in operation. Please unplug it when not in use. The weight of the machine can increase significantly and exceed 25 kg when both the clean water tank and the recovery tanks contain water. DO NOT attempt to lift or move a machine that still contains water. If you are not sure you can lift the machine, you should seek help. Be careful when handling any Moketta equipment. Our vapor steamers can reach very high temperatures, so caution is expected. DO NOT use the machine or Moketta cleaning solutions with natural fibers, oriental carpets (silk or wool), hand-woven wool carpets, braided carpets, sisal, seagrass carpets, jute carpets, silk, Haitian cotton, brushed cord, leather, non-distilled fabrics, berbers or flotex. If your carpet is not listed above or you are not sure it is suitable for using our products on your carpets/furniture, please contact customer service at Moketta 641727055 for pre-cleaning advice. You should make sure your carpet is securely fastened with tweezers or strong adhesive. Never place the machine on a wood-effect floor or laminate without non-porous sheets between the machine and the floor. Rental period (24 hours or 48 hours, as booked). Return the clean equipment to the same place from which you rented it before the agreed date and time during your booking specified herein as "Return Payment". Pay the rental fee in 24 hours or 48 hours as booked. Late return fee of 35e + IVA per day - up to a maximum of 500.00e + IVA. if the machine is not returned before the expiration date and time.

If the equipment is not returned within the agreed time, Moketta shall have the right to take immediate action to recover the equipment or report it as stolen to the police. The dirty machine fee (if the equipment is not returned clean to the store) may be charged at the discretion of the rental/booking agent.

Use of equipment/product. Use equipment, materials and cleaning products carefully and prudently in accordance with the instructions provided by ourselves, and do not any other person use the equipment without Moketta's express written permission. The machine is for home use only and should only be used at the address provided during the booking procedure and on any other property. This appliance is not designed for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities, or with a lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have received supervision or instructions on the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. If the equipment malfunctions or appears unsafe, the Renter agrees to immediately discontinue its use and return it to the store. Renter understands and agrees that, to the extent permitted by law and except in the case of personal injury or death because of our negligence, Moketta's maximum liability limit.

For loss or damage, whether by contract, tort (including negligence), breach of legal duty or otherwise will be limited to the rental charge you agreed to pay for the right to use the Moketta machine during the agreed period.
Understands that some stains, especially if dried and old, may be impossible to remove.

For carpets with normal dirt, Moketta machines are designed to thoroughly clean and remove waste water in a single pass. The renter agrees to avoid getting too wet and not to go through very dirty places more than twice. On wool and wool blend carpets, you agree to pass over them only once, no matter how dirty they are. Carpets should be allowed to dry before attempting to clean them further. Renter shall be liable if the equipment is damaged or lost while renting it and shall indemnify (1) Moketta for all costs it suffers when undertaking recovery and/or repair, and (2) for the full value of the Equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged without the possibility of repair. Renter agrees to return the Clean Equipment within the agreed expiration period and return date and understands that Moketta may initiate civil and/or criminal proceedings without notice if the Equipment is not returned within 24 hours or 48 hours. hours (as booked) of the agreed return time. Theft or confiscation of machines is a crime. Moketta will always process the failure to return as a robbery, to the full extent of the law.