Hiring someone to clean all your soft furnishings can sometimes be quite expensive. Why not hire a Moketta carpet cleaner instead and see how much you can save?

Transform dirty carpets or rugs with a Moketta machine – you'll be amazed at the results! With our Vax and Bissell machines have a winning cleaning process that removes dirt hidden deep in your carpets.

The amazing vibratory brush technology works with our powerful detergents to remove dirt and various stains stains from your soft furnishings.

You can borrow our machines for 24 or 48 hours. We will give you complete instructions on how to use them when you pick it up or if you want us to take it to you. Allow a two-hour window for pick-up or drop-off.

Pick-up/delivery varies by distance from our headquarters, usually 25€  round trip to the west side of the island, 35€  round trip to the north and east side of the island. Alternatively, they can be picked up at our Offices in Son Ferriol.

Free delivery!!


We take a 100€ deposit on your card as a deposit for your item, the charge is usually cancelled within 4 hours when the machine is returned in the same conditions it was delivered to you.

See our Terms and Conditions here. Please provide proof of address along with your ID.

Only our cleaning products can be used on machines.

La Bestia can be rented for 38e for 24 hours, or 50e for 48 hours so you can take your time to clean all the soft furniture you need. This machine has This machine comes with a hand held extension to make sofas, stairs, cars, easily accessible.

La Bestia

40€ + Iva 24 Hours

60€ + Iva 48 Hours


La Media

34€ + Iva 24 Hours

50€ + Iva 48 Hours


La Mini

29€ + Iva 24 Hours

40€ + Iva 48 Hours


We also have a variety of Karcher type pressure washers and hot steam machines available for rent. Please contact us for more details.


Polti Vaporetta Fav 70

6 bar de Pression

35€ - 24 Hours

Karcher Hidrolimpia

Industrial hot water

35€ - 24 Hours

We come to you

Let us come to your home, apartment or boat, we bring all our experience, machines, products and skills to leave your carpets, rugs, sofas, seats, mattresses, clean and smelling fresh.

Our cleaning prices may surprise you. A typical two-bedroom apartment, cleaning mattresses, sofas, rugs or carpets and dining chairs from only 180€ + iva, but every job is different so call us for a quote.

Contact us now for availability

We have a multitude of tricks to remove stains of all kinds, in each type of fabric. Let us do the hard work so you don't have to.

We also offer an option to completely disinfect the entire area using our in-air disinfectant spray canister. SPRAYZONE

Car Valeting

We send you our team, we wash and clean your car from top to bottom, shampooing the upholstery, we treat all the leather, dashboards, wheel arches, tires, and if necessary, we'll even clean up your headlights if they look a little cloudy.

We leave the car looking and smelling good. Please contact us for more information.

  • Wash Inside and Out
  • Shampoo all Upholstery
  • Dashboards and Edgings
  • Doors and Windows
  • Small Dents Removed
  • Small Scratches Polished

Small Car 120€ | Medium 140€ | Large Car 160€

Collect - Wash - Return

We can come pick up your rugs, take them back to our warehouse. There, we will clean them, dry them using our "air cannon" technology and return them to you in 3 or 4 days, smelling fresh and looking great. If you have delicate Kilim carpets or plain carpets, we prefer to clean them at our place for a better finish. Please contact us for more information.


automatic spraying in 3 minutes, (leave on 1 hour without human presence)

NDP Air Total+ Green is a product for disinfection of clinical surfaces by air. The one-shot valve nebulizes the disinfectant in a single application, allowing the product access to corners difficult to reach by other means.

It has a wide biocidal spectrum and rapid action against bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses.

It does not contain flammable gases or toxic ingredients, allowing its use in places where other products cannot be applied. It is fully compatible with all kinds of electronic materials and components.